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Short-time scholarships at university of applied sciences

Short time scholarships are only available for students of Hochschule Kaiserslautern in Kaiserslautern, Pirmasens or Zweibrücken.

It is a cooperation between chaplaincy, university and DAAD.

The scholarship is offered to students under special conditions. Please note the conditions, ask yourself  if you can fullfil, before you apply for a scholarship:

Short time scholarship for international christian students at university of applied siences Kaiserslautern.

Scholarship can be given to students 

  • who are in financial or personal distress
  • if the distress can be solved by the scholarship
  • if there is no other financial help
  • if the future of your studies is secure
  • if the studies performace is very good or good or the end of studies is less than 12 month
  • if the applicant is engaged in social or christian projects

Application for scholarship is possible

1. half of year: latest end of february at chaplaincy with the application form!

2. half of year: latest until end of august at chaplaincy with the application form! 

Contact person at chaplaincy

Minister Guido König

Application form for short-time scholarship

Application form (Download)