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Winter semester topic 2022/23:

"Global Fairness"

Dear students, dear teachers and employees at the university and college, dear friends of university pastoral care,

The Catholic University Community (KHG) and the Evangelical Student Community (ESG) are starting the coming winter semester at the University of Kaiserslautern with the new ecumenical semester topic "Global Fairness".

Climate change, pandemics, the Ukraine war and now the energy crisis - all of this has already cost us a lot of strength and we can hardly get out of crisis mode. Despite this, or precisely because of this, we would like to ask the question this semester: what about “global fairness”?

As Christian university communities, we want to discuss the need for fair treatment in a globalized world. We ask what options we have for a fairer coexistence and the future on our planet. Of course, the controversial football World Cup in Qatar inspired us when choosing a topic, which we want to pay special attention to in this regard.

The university communities are looking forward to an exciting and varied program on the subject: "GLOBAL FAIRNESS"

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