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Semester theme: "50 Years and much further"

"50 years and much further" is the title of our ecumenical theme evenings in ESG and KHG in the winter semester.

Technical University and the two university communities look back on 50 years of existence!

Themed evenings on the semester topic:

"42 + 8 and still not wise - 50 years on the way in search"
Discussion with graduate computer scientist Ludger van Elst, employee at DFKI Kaiserslautern and former KHG, about the search "for life, the universe and everything else".
Wed. 11/18 2020, 8 p.m., KHG

“Internationality on Campus” University of the Greater Region, English-language courses
Erasmus programs: in 5 decades the internationality of the TUK has grown steadily - with it its reputation. We talk to Dr.-Ing. Parya Memar, Head of International Affairs (ISGS).
Tuesday, November 17 2020, 8 p.m., ESG center

"At The Beginning"
Memories from 50 years of university history: the retired academic directors Dr. Henry Heydt, Department of Chemistry, and Dr. Hans-Joachim Müller (inquired), Faculty of Social Sciences, talk about new developments and successes at the university.
Tue 12.1. 2021, 8 p.m., ESG center

"New Perspectives"
The new ev. Student pastor Britta Geburek-Haag visits the KHG

Wed., 27.01.2021, 8 p.m., KHG

You are invited, we look forward to you!



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